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You likely have lots of questions about how I create a piece of artwork for you or how I go about doing a photo shoot.



Erotic Art. Painting and Drawing Nudes

Here is a round up of the most frequent common questions that I have been asked.

Nude Oil Painting

For painting nudes I use oil paints these are an ideal medium for portrait painting because of the rich fresh colours that can be created.

Commission a nude portrait based on a photo you took whilst you were on a holiday that was really memorable, or perhaps a photo you took of a loved one many years back. We could even turn black & white photographs to colour*. Not only is it something special that you can show off proudly in your home, but it would also be a fantastic gift to give.

*good supporting material maybe required.

Oil Painting - Erotic Art

Nude Pencil Sketching and nude pencil drawings

All my pencil sketches are produced on high quality Daler & Rowney sketching paper. The best sizes to use are A4 and A3.

Pencil Sketch

Pen & Ink

All my Pen and Ink work are produced on high quality Daler & Rowney paper. The best sizes to use are A4 and A3.

In creating the artwork I sketch lightly with pencil the scene then add Pen & Ink over it.

Having a series of pictures done is a great way of creating a story board.

Pen & Ink

EPFP Photography

I'm an Artist and Photographer with a wealth of experience working with clients from many backgrounds,. My portfolio of shoots has grown as has the types and styles of my photography has expanded. I am now embracing photography has something more than a tool to support my artwork. Having a natural "artistic eye" for composition and great knowledge on how to use light. I can create bespoke photography both in the studio and on location and are highly skilled and adaptable to your requirements to create the very best images. 


Much of my photography is influenced by many acclaimed international nude photographers such as: Roy Stuart, Petter Hegre, Wolfgang Eichler and even goes as far back as the vintage Photos of the 1920s Ziegfeld Girls, by Alfred Cheney Johnston. Like these photographers I endeavour to capture the story behind the images and explores the Artistic beauty of the human form, as well as the composition, light and contrast .

Boudoir and sensual art and Photography

Photography - Boudoir and sensual art and Photography


How long does it take to do my painting or drawing?

A drawing (A4 or A3 size) can be completed quite quickly. You can expect to receive it in about a week to 10 days after putting your deposit down.

A painting (A4 or A3 size) can take from 3 to 4 weeks to complete from the time we receive your deposit.

In the first week we paint the picture and ensure you are happy with it. Any changes are best made at this point.

When you acknowledge you are happy with it. It very much depend on how long it takes to dry. Usually 1 to 2 weeks before it can be shipped.

Can you create a nude oil painting of my wife?

Yes, as well as drawings we can arrange a nude oil painting of your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

How do I take photos?

This is the start of the fun part for you. How daring are you?

Read our Photo guide.

Will I need to talk to the artist directly?

It's up to you. All correspondence can be done via email if you wish so no need to feel embarrassed.

Do you draw nudes of boyfriends or just girlfriends?

We draw anybody. Male, female, gay, straight, fat, thin, young or old!

What kind of poses are allowed?

All types of poses are allowed including topless, classical nude, erotic and adult. All poses must be legal under British Law. All participants must be over 18 years of age.

Can my partner and I pose together?

Yes. However, when there is more than 1 figure in your painting then the amount of time required by the artist to complete the painting increases significantly. We charge an additional 30% per person for this service.


Can the artist make me look younger or slimmer?

The artist may be guided slightly towards your 'ideal' if required but generally the artist prefers to work true to life.

What size are the drawings?

The drawings are generally A4 or A3 size.

Can you create a colour paintings from black and white images?

  • Bring back to life old pictures from the past.

  • Damaged photo's can be transformed.

All this is possible, but with some limitations.

Good supporting colour material for example helps. “Artistic licence”, is implied.

 I have some old photos, negatives and slides. Can you use them?

Yes. I have the tools to scan and repair damaged photographs, negatives and slides.

Can you remove clothing from a subject, like a bikini?

Yes, but again with some limitations, like how much clothing the subject is all ready wearing for example in your chosen photo. Good supporting material is a must. “Artistic licence”, is implied.

 Can you take a subject and put them into a completely different setting?

  • Maybe a photo taken indoors you would like reproduced but in an outdoors setting.

  • Maybe you would like your subject put into a particular environment, like an art class.

Good supporting material helps. “Artistic licence”, is implied.

Can you put someone else into a picture replacing a person already there?

Yes. Having good supporting material is a must.

  • Choose the picture you want to use. The person you want to replace should have a similar figure to the person you want to replace them with.

  • Supply has much supporting material as you can of the person you want in the picture.

Good supporting material particularly of the subject is a must. “Artistic licence”, is implied.

Can you frame my pictures?


What happens if I don't like the drawings or paintings?

  • You are under no obligation to purchase (you will loose your deposit though).

  • The artist reserves the right to keep but NOT sell any drawings or paintings that are not bought. Your source material will be returned, deleted or destroyed in line with your wishes. So your confidentiality and privacy are respected and preserved at all times.

  • Payment must be made in full before the release of the completed artwork.

Will my artwork or photo's appear on the internet anywhere?

Not without your consent.

Once your artwork is completed all supporting material is returned or deleted.

Rather than having the original artwork posted to me can I have a HiRes scan of it instead?


select-your-photo sketch-to-canvas paint-your-picture Frame-your-painting

Adult, Erotic artist, boudoir and sensual art. Commission a nude portrait. Bespoke masterpieces in Oil painting, nude sketching, pen and ink. Artwork direct from the artist.

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